What Judge Timothy Walmsley said was powerful & thought-provoking!

Freda Savahl
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I am in awe of the Honorable Judge Walmsley at the trial of the three men responsible for the death of Ahmaud Arbery.

The Judge felt the killing of the young black man was a “Tragedy on many levels.”

“He left his home to go for a run and ended up running for his life.”

The Judge recalled the timeline of the case & the span of minutes it took the three accused to decide to chase Mr. Arbery and eventually take his life.

They chased him for at least five minutes in pickup trucks armed with a shotgun and a 357 revolver.

The Judge said he wanted to put that period of the time into context. So the courtroom sat silent for precisely one minute, focussing on the weight & length of each of those 60 seconds!

The one minute represented a fraction of the five minutes that Arbery was running in Satilla Shores.

The Judge said when he thought about it, his mind kept coming back to;

“the terror that must have been in the mind of the young man running.”

Judge Walmsley denied the request by the defense attorneys for a mistrial.

He conceded that intentional discrimination existed by the defense attorneys in their selection of eleven white people & one black person for the jury. However, under Georgia law, he had no power to intervene.

The perpetrators took the law into their own hands to shoot & kill Arbery.

The Judge spoke about a chilling video frame where the victim lies in the street after being shot at close range.

The most disturbing scene occurs when the killers turn their backs and walk away from the injured black man. They show no remorse or concern.

The Judge said the definition of a neighbor should expand to more than how we treat those who own property around the area.

“If we assume the worst in others, it will show our worst character, but assuming the best in others is the best course of action!” said the Judge,

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