When God Created A Mom,

Freda Savahl
2 min readFeb 23, 2022

He endowed her with a heart of love!

From the Inspirational page on motherhood from pinterest.com

Some images of folks I know:

Blissful pleasure, contentment & peace reign in this Mom’s face! Photo from Author.

Life does not come with a manual it comes with a Mom. (Pinterest.com)

If love is as sweet as a flower, then a mother is the sweetest flower of love! (Pinterest.com)

This Mom’s first son - Author’s pic. 2/22

There is something special about this lovely Mom. Here she loves on her little boy & includes her pet, who hovers around the little feller, showing his love & protection.

At times, she posts little memos that relate to the deep pain in her heart that has persisted since the sudden death of her mother a few years ago.

The desire to share her son with her late Mom causes quiet grief in the stillness of the night.

At times, I see the sadness in her eyes & facial expressions when she is in the company of other grandparents with their grandchildren.

But, of course, I may be wrong & overthinking.

My admiration is that she has carved out her career plan as a doctor with great motivation and has succeeded, Cum Laude!

“You’ve made your late Mom proud — daughter!”

We are grateful for her choice of a caring husband who provides a stable home life and pitches in to raise his little boy.

I can see the two love & respect each other. His parents are now her parents! She claims.

Dad & his young son enjoy a day outdoors. 2/22- Author’s pic.

So to that end, we support Mom’s feelings and let life go on as planned by the Almighty Giver of life.

Thank you, readers, for your views.

Freda Savahl

Retired Nurse Practitioner WHC /Contract Provider Deployment Military Services. US Citizen. Immigrant from South Africa 1978.