The Doctor’s Letter of Sympathy to his patient,

Freda Savahl
2 min readNov 14, 2021

On the loss of her newborn

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Dear Carol,

I have looked for words of hope in such a time of despair.

I’ve wondered in my mind, how life can be so unkind, so unfair.

I sometimes think, does anyone in this world truly care.

Then far in the distance, on the horizon, I see

Someone with a gentle, loving smile coming slowly towards me

I hear a gentle whisper, so very, very quiet, like the rustle of Autumn leaves, like the rolling of the green-blue seas.

“All who are burdened, worry not, take solace in me.

For my promise is for now and for all eternity.

There is no death or sorrow, I cannot with time relieve,

For those who know my promise, in whose hearts truly do believe.

I know your pain & sorrow, I know why you cry & grieve.

I hear every word & prayer, like the rustle of the leaves.

I hear every whisper in the rolling of the seas.”

A fine mist surrounds, the air becomes again calm,

A tiny voice is saying softly, “Don’t worry or fear for me.”

On the horizon, I see them, as promised in the book of Psalms.

A tall bearded figure with a baby cradled in his arms.

Like the soft gentle breeze of a spring day.

Like the warm sun rays on a winter day.

Like the gentle soft rainfall like dew.

Like the star that shines so bright the whole night through.

When we think of these things our hearts are with you!

Source: Dr. James C. Arrington MD OB/GYN. Hope Arkansas

Thank you, readers, for viewing a beautiful poem.

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Freda Savahl

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