My side hustle contract as Military Deployment Health Provider.

Freda Savahl
3 min readAug 12, 2020
Image US Army soldier at PHA medical assessment.BP Ft Hood.

Retirement made me restless. I needed a constructive and satisfying engagement. I signed on to perform the PHA and PDHRA events for Deployment Service Members with the DOD. I worked as a contract employee for the past 9 years. The main objective is to assess and review the health status of the individual. If health issues exist, referral for treatment is arranged. More importantly, education on health maintenance is targeted.

I come across concerns of elevated blood pressure occasionally. The service member will brush it off as related to drinking coffee. Re-evaluation of the blood pressure is scheduled to confirm status. Constructive advice is provided to monitor blood pressure before drinking coffee and again 120 minutes after coffee intake.

I have researched this issue on many occasions. Scientific research, reveals that caffeine in coffee does cause a short spike in blood pressure. Mayo Clinic research reports that caffeine causes the Adrenal glands to release more Adrenaline. This in turn causes the blood pressure to increase. Limiting caffeine intake to two 8 ounce cup is advised in these instances. Persistent blood pressure elevations require more surveillance & referral.

Research shows that regular coffee intake is therapeutic. It can help stave off diabetes, Parkinson’s disease & cognitive problems. It improves concentration and mood, enhances physical performance & endurance, halts headaches, and asthma attacks.

Questions arise about the safety of self-reported supplements use to enhance physical and cognitive performance. Some servicemen report the use of Rhodiola Rosea.

Primary research by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Quality Criteria Checklist identifies details on the supplement Rhodiola Rosea extract.

It is a plant that grows in cold, high altitude regions of the Arctic. It contains a substance known as Salidroside. Special Forces claim this supplement has the ability to enhance cognition, reduce stress and fatigue. Although there is bias in the evidence members seem to have confidence in the effects and continue its use.

A majority of service members use LC Omega-3 supplements. Research reveals that the optimal intake of this supplement is…



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