He worked to Defuse his anger

Freda Savahl
3 min readApr 15, 2022

to save his love life.

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Two years ago, Sophie separated from her husband Dennis because she was afraid of his outbursts of anger.

I had not seen or heard from them since they moved.

So it was a lovely surprise to get an unexpected visit from Dennis this morning!

Somewhat anxious & cautious, I invited him in. He immediately reassured me that he was a changed man, stating he had undergone counseling & psychotherapy for the past two years. He is confident that the treatment was successful.

Furthermore, he & Sophie have reconciled.

“Pray, tell me, Dennis, how did your problem get resolved — what kind of treatment did you undergo?” I asked.

“I had to do a lot of soul-searching about my early childhood experiences. The therapist said anger may mask other painful feelings from early adverse experiences & trauma.”

“I had many days of counseling. It brought me to recognize the pain I had caused Sophie. But what helped most was the daily relaxation practice, & meditation the therapist taught.”

“When I feel the surge of anger, I sit down in a relaxing recliner. The therapist says the brain interprets a sitting position as safe & relaxing, thus interrupting the flow of anger-enhancing adrenaline.”

“Then, we discuss my feelings with the therapist and lately with Sophie. After that, I have to concentrate on relaxing all my muscles.”

“I should never go to bed angry, as it would reinforce negative emotions.”

Furthermore, the therapist advised him to take a step back & view the situation from a distance the next time his blood boils.

He should engage in deep breathing first & visualize something more positive, then evaluate his anger on a scale of 0 to 100.

He should project what may happen if relaxation techniques do not lower the number.

Dennis is encouraged to;

1. talk to a trusted person,

2. exercise regularly,

3. read, write, listen to music,

Freda Savahl

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