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  • Karen Carr

    Karen Carr

    Sharing my thoughts on the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life.

  • Rachel Anderson

    Rachel Anderson

  • Sarah Yee

    Sarah Yee

    Nutritional Therapist. Nature lover, horse girl, adventure seeker. Proud mama of two incredible little humans. Visit me at pdxnutritionaltherapy.com.

  • Rebecca Romanelli

    Rebecca Romanelli

    Heart Navigator-Forever Untamed-Inner Child Never Left-Global Citizen-who can’t go a day without Nature.

  • John Ramos

    John Ramos

    Hi, I’m John. Writer and avid reader. Happily married and father of three.

  • Wiserword


    Editor of Love and Marriage Publication. Top Writer on Love,Marriage,Relationships, Self Improvement. cookbug@outlook.com

  • Juanita Ellingson

    Juanita Ellingson

    Life long writer who focuses on, personal health, mental health, life’s funny moments, inspiration and healing. www.writingbyjuanita.com

  • KP Morgan-Jones (AKA Evolved Ashes)

    KP Morgan-Jones (AKA Evolved Ashes)

    An avid reader and beginner writer. I love fiction, poetry, and motivational articles. Too blessed to be stressed.

  • Chantal Gaudiano Whittington

    Chantal Gaudiano Whittington

    Chantal Gaudiano has worked in blindness vocational rehabilitation since 2005. She write blog articles, fiction, and poetry.

  • Jim Parton

    Jim Parton

    Retired Teacher and Funeral Celebrant. The gay and married dad of three grown children. I have always been fascinated by the human condition. Come read with me.

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