Faithful friends. The unconditional love of a pet.

Freda Savahl
3 min readSep 16, 2023

A pictorial of real people with their pets:

Maylinda Savahl and Casey her German Shepherd

Mayli, Casey & Dave:

Check out this lovely photo of Mayli and her adorable four-year-old German Shepherd, Casey. Mayli considers Casey as her comfort and protection. They share a unique relationship based on affection and mutual understanding. Even Mayli’s cat, Dave, gets along well with Casey, and they spend most of their time together, except when Mayli is at work. The photo shows Casey generously sharing his bed with Dave, proving they have a strong bond of friendship.

A photo of Mayli’s pets — Casey the dog & Dave the cat shares a bed. Author’s photo

Adrian & Blu:

Adrian and Blu are a dynamic duo. They travel throughout the United States for Adrian’s job as a wind-energy technician. Traveling in a camper for convenience and comfort. Blu, a three-year-old Malinois and Shepherd mix, serves as Adrian’s trained guard dog. Their bond is unbreakable, and Adrian has shared several instances where Blu has kept him safe. Having Blu with him also helps to reduce Adrian’s stress and anxiety while on the road.



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