A Very Japanese Thing!

Freda Savahl
2 min readJun 8, 2022

About Job Hunting in Japan.

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I am fascinated by Japanese life & culture, so I share what I discover.

Michele Dizon, who lives in Tokyo, informs us that during job hunting season in Japan, fresh graduates have to comply with Japan's strict rule to wear the recruit suit!

Employers expect applicants to blend with the rest.

The recruit suit is black, white shirt, black business bag, and black shoes. The graduates should dye their hair black. Women should tie their long hair in a ponytail.

Men's hair is cut short & professional-looking.

During hiring season, clothing shops are busy selling business attire.

The Brand 'Recruit'

In 1977 The Tokyo branch of the Business Association of University Cooperatives and Isetan formed a partnership to sell suits for jobseekers under their brand, which became popular.

In the 1980s, with women's advancement in society, lady's fashion magazines introduced outfits, including jackets & skirt combinations.

Today some conglomerates like Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals started advising recruits to wear sneakers that do not hurt their feet. So the retail management firm, Marui Group Company, put out proposals for suit &…



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