A Kyiv hero!

Freda Savahl
2 min readFeb 28, 2022

Is the animal refuge owner safe?

Photo from a share on Facebook — Andrea sheltering with his rescued pig.

There has been no news from Andrea and his animal sanctuary since Friday, 25th February. I follow his daily Facebook posts.

The animal sanctuary, Refugio Italia KJ2 in Ukraine, is owned by Andrea Cisternino, an animal lover & photographer.

The safe harbor created by Andrea has saved the lives of many animals in the past ten years.

There were around 400 rescued animals at the sanctuary in January 2022.

Andrea posted articles on Facebook, but there have been no posts for the past three days & no news from this compassionate man who is also a photographer.

Andrea is originally from Rome, Italy, but is currently a resident of Kyiv.

He has refused to abandon his animals in the face of the war in Ukraine. The animal lover has 66,000 followers on Facebook who are concerned about his safety.

In one post, Andrea reveals that he shelters in the dark with his animals, hearing frequent explosions & noisy helicopters flying above his sanctuary day & night.

He has also provided shelter for three people at the sanctuary in the past week.

People surmise that lines have been bombed, isolating Andrea from communications. His fans & followers are praying for his safety.

We pray for Andrea, a dedicated altruistic individual.

Photos from Andrea’s Facebook share post.


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