Actual Important and Unusual Work!

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Yes, indeed, they are no longer only being cute! These animals receive training to work alongside humans for life-saving jobs. When the police need backup, the K9s are ready. The select breeds for police work are as follows;

“Mukbang” — from an article by Bev Potter!

Pexels download free photo-eat mukbang

Bev Potter writes about introducing her 90-year-old mother to the issues occuring outside the safety of her home. She ventures to explain to her mother about the eating habits of Asian kids and the ‘Mukbang’ culture.

Up to now, I had no clue what it was. What! An eye-opener? I…

I am smitten to the hilt with Shiba Inu!

Free Pexels image from Anna Svets from Svtsporoduction-4587979-shibu

There is no country in the world, so deeply invested in preserving their native dogs like Japan! The Japanese regard their dogs with great pride & reverence. These animals serve as hunters, protectors & loyal companions.

The devastation of the war killed hundreds of Japanese dogs, but Japan’s government helped…

to her unruly student;

Positive inspiration for your life — Unknown Author.

Isabella brought this picture from her teacher yesterday. She wants to know how to be a better student & person. Her teacher says she is disrespectful in class, interrupting when other students ask questions.

I look at the picture & suggest an idea to the twelve-year-old;

“We can get an…

I am ashamed.

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Last year I was scammed into buying a website from a company operating from the State of Washington. The purchase was by phone from an aggressive salesperson, who promised immense profits in three months. In addition, I would get lifetime telephone coaching once a week.

Excited about the prospect, I…

Freda Savahl

Retired Nurse Practitioner WHC /Contract Provider Deployment Military Services. US Citizen. Immigrant from South Africa 1978.

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