Actual Important and Unusual Work!

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Yes, indeed, they are no longer only being cute! These animals receive training to work alongside humans for life-saving jobs. When the police need backup, the K9s are ready. The select breeds for police work are as follows;

It solved my problem!

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I write about my experience with consuming sage tea.

Fourteen months ago, I experienced sleep deprivation, itchy skin at night, & mad at myself for feeling tired during the day.

I tried various methods, celestial sleepy time teas, melatonin, walking after evening meal, but no resolution.

My blood sugar &…

Driven by burning ambition.

Eliezer_Ben-Yehuda_at_his_desk_in_Jerusalem_English: Shlomo Narinsky (died 1960), first published 1918 in Jerusalem (see talk) עברית: שלמה נרינסקי (נפטר ב-1960); פורסם ב-1918, ראו דף-PUBLIC DOMAIN.

I am fascinated to learn about people who achieve their goals despite tremendous obstacles.

For example, I read an article about a man whose name appears on street signs in Jerusalem & I wondered why he deserved such an honor. …

There was a man with Integrity.

Gift boxes of Sweet organic Honey crisp apples for sale!

It was the pride & joy of ambitious Mustapha, selling fruit gift boxes at the airport from his fruit stand.

It was his first profitable venture after four failed attempts as a vendor.

He impressed customers with his friendly smile, and courteous approach, wearing immaculate white attire & a cap.

She said it was a feeling!

Here is an image of the teen students at ages 15yrs.- author’s picture

Jenny’s mother was not happy because Jenny spent too much time after school with Derrick. They are both 15-year-old students.

“But you said it was OK, Mom, we are helping each other with homework, and I love him!” Jenny declared.

“Oh, yea! So what is love? May I ask?” …

Her love for a reptile.

Image from Mayli’s album of Shaggy, her bearded dragon pet.

Mayli tells the story of her love & relationship with Shaggy, her bearded dragon.

It has been a year since he left this earth, but Mayli remembers his friendly cuddles, eating from her hand & crawling up to sit on her lap or shoulder.

Teary-eyed with sadness in her voice…

From admirable thinkers:

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Beautiful faces are they that wear the light of a pleasant spirit there.

Beautiful hands are they that do deeds that are noble good & true.

Beautiful feet are they that go swiftly to lighten another's woe.


You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted…

Is not a fox or a pair of socks!

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I have five cats, rescued as baby kitties, who are now adult cats, the joy of my life! They all love boxes, catnip & their mom, the giver of food!

They sleep in a cattery with shelves & large windows at night. …

Freda Savahl

Retired Nurse Practitioner WHC /Contract Provider Deployment Military Services. US Citizen. Immigrant from South Africa 1978.

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